Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Deal of the Day - TEMPLATES

I hope you've all recovered from NSD! I hope your stashes are where you want them to be. I know I did pretty good myself and could have spent way more with all the pretty stuff out there right now.

I've not had much scrap design time lately as my son (who is temporarily transplanted because his condo building burnt down a year ago Christmas and is awaiting the rebuild) is now on graveyard shifts for a few weeks. That really cuts into my design time as he's working when I'm sleeping and then when I head to work in the morning, he heads to bed and is usually sleeping still when I get home. And as I previously mentioned, that's his new room - his old room that I turned into my office. To move everything out of there which includes modems, plug-ins, printers, scanners, EHDs, and on and on, would be just too much. I'd have to move it to my dining room table as I live in a 2-bedroom townhouse. And having a 3-year-old granddaughter that is around a lot of weekends, well that just doesn't fly either. The toughest part is having to be quiet on a Saturday and Sunday during the day when he's sleeping! Thank goodness we've had a beautiful Spring so I can be out in the yard or on the deck. Two weekends ago, I actually found time to paint my shed while he was sleeping! So I guess you have to take the positives from the negatives.

And speaking of positives . . . Need to add some templates to your Stash? I have the Deal of the Day at The Studio today. Pick up Template Takeaway 17-20 for only $1.18.

And stay tuned in the next couple of days. New freebies are in store for you! Check back to see what it is!


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