Friday, May 25, 2018

FREEBIE, New Products and a Sale!

It's my Designer Spotlight week at Go Digital Scrapbooking!
Collect a piece of each day of my Daily Download between May 24-31. By the end of the week, you will have the beautiful mini ALL THINGS SPRING!

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40% OFF
AND ALSO . . .
Look for the extra parts I've made to go along with the Daily Download.


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I'm hoping to add a few more to the collection, but as some of you who know my story, my computer time is very limited and has been almost non-existent this past few weeks.

Now look what my fabulous CT has created with the
DAILY DOWNLOAD pieces (and what you can look forward to).


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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Deal of the Day - TEMPLATES

I hope you've all recovered from NSD! I hope your stashes are where you want them to be. I know I did pretty good myself and could have spent way more with all the pretty stuff out there right now.

I've not had much scrap design time lately as my son (who is temporarily transplanted because his condo building burnt down a year ago Christmas and is awaiting the rebuild) is now on graveyard shifts for a few weeks. That really cuts into my design time as he's working when I'm sleeping and then when I head to work in the morning, he heads to bed and is usually sleeping still when I get home. And as I previously mentioned, that's his new room - his old room that I turned into my office. To move everything out of there which includes modems, plug-ins, printers, scanners, EHDs, and on and on, would be just too much. I'd have to move it to my dining room table as I live in a 2-bedroom townhouse. And having a 3-year-old granddaughter that is around a lot of weekends, well that just doesn't fly either. The toughest part is having to be quiet on a Saturday and Sunday during the day when he's sleeping! Thank goodness we've had a beautiful Spring so I can be out in the yard or on the deck. Two weekends ago, I actually found time to paint my shed while he was sleeping! So I guess you have to take the positives from the negatives.

And speaking of positives . . . Need to add some templates to your Stash? I have the Deal of the Day at The Studio today. Pick up Template Takeaway 17-20 for only $1.18.

And stay tuned in the next couple of days. New freebies are in store for you! Check back to see what it is!


Friday, May 04, 2018

50% Off Sale and $1 Flash Sales All Weekend

Well it's here. I always love NATIONAL SCRAPBOOKING DAY, which over the years has evolved into National Scrapbooking Weekend, that now includes Friday and Monday in a lot of cases - LOL!

Both of my stores are 50% OFF from now until Monday. I also have FLASH SALES in both stores. They will change up each day at The Studio, so keep your eyes peeled!

Now I've told you about some of the happenings at The Studio - like our iNSD FREEBIE Facebook Hop and today's MAY THE 4th BE WITH YOU 4 Kits for $4 Sale . . . now let me tell you about some of the happenings over at GO DIGITAL SCRAPBOOKING.

We have all sorts of fun and games - a Scavenger Hunt, challenges - all designed for you to be able to collect our NSD Collab - UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Be sure to check them all out in our special thread in the Forum.

And on top of our regular FREE WITH PURCHASE monthly collab, we have another one just for NSD -  "Spring To Life" - free with a $10 purchase.

So much to choose from - so much to download!

Now to get you all going - I have some new products in my stores today. 
Back by popular demand . . . I present 'PAGE IN A POCKET - Bundle #5'

Each product contains a kit consisting of 20 ellies, 6 papers and one template. You can use the template provided or create your own pages with each kit - the choice is yours.

Each is on sale right now for $1.62. 
YES, that's right! Or you can pick up the whole 
BUNDLE at 50% off - $6.50. 
So that's 4 mini kids and templates in total. That will keep you busy for hours. And there's a nice variety of styles and themes too!

May the 4th Be With You Special

Every year at The Studio, we kick off NSD with our special promo MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU. I have a fantastic bundled deal for you - for today only.
4 Kits - $4! 
Check it out HERE

Thursday, May 03, 2018

FREEBIE FB Blog Hop and NSD BLOWOUT Deal Ends Soon

Designers at  The Studio have created a wonderful collab to celebrate iNSD 2018. You must check out our Facebook Hop! It's a great way to kick off iNSD this first weekend of May. Be sure to check out all the Designer's pages so you can collect the whole kit! Happy NSD!


Here's what you can download:


Tomorrow is the last day for our NSD BLOWOUT where you can pick up over $2,000.00 worth of digital scrap products from 20 highly-talented designers. If you're interested, act now - the price goes up on Saturday to $25 and will be gone forever after Monday, May 7th, so don't miss out. Click on the link to see them all.

Here is just a small preview of some of the great kits the designers have in this fabulous Bundle.

Wednesday, May 02, 2018

NSD Blowout Sale is On!

If you weren't one of the lucky winners in our NSD Blowout sale, there's still a chance to get this awesome deal!
But hurry, it's available for $20 (for over $2,000 worth of product) for a couple of days!


Thanks to all who entered to win our special NSD Blowout Promo of winning over $2,000 of PU and CU digital scrapbooking supplies. I've chosen a winner - and the winner is . . . 

ALICIA MITCHELL . . . Congratulations Alicia!

The same $2,000 worth of digital scrap products is available to purchase with this unbelievable pricing - for 
2 DAYS ONLY - for just $20.
What a great way to kick off NSD 2018 right?

Stay tuned for more specials and surprises coming up in the 4 or 5 days!