Saturday, May 04, 2013

iNSD - Tons of Great Stuff Going On - WIN MY STORE, KITS and TEMPLATES!

Our favourite time of year is here and I have lots of great offers in both of my stores!

First off - have you seen the PIN IT TO WIN IT at the Digital Scrapbooking Studio? Check out the thread here. Just post your list of your favourite kits in your Pinterest site, link it back to the thread and you could be the lucky recipient of a RAK of some of your favourite kits! How great is that?

The store is full of great offers and a great sale! The whole store is 50% off, so if you have some of your favourite kits of mine on your list, now is the time to take advantage!


And in my other store - Go Digital Scrapbooking - there are great things happening there too. My store is also on sale there, PLUS . . .  we have a great offer happening - GOLDEN TICKETS - being the biggest deal of the day!

If you find the GOLDEN TICKET, in one of my products, purchase it, and you are the first one to purchase it - YOU WIN MY WHOLE STORE! Yes, that's right - my whole store!
Look for this icon:

Here's how it works . . .

Be the first one to find the
Purchase the kit and WIN MY STORE!

Not only that, wait . . . . BUT THERE'S MORE . . . .
sorry - does that sound like an "info-mercial"?

But there is more

If you are the first one to find the SILVER TICKET
purchase the product, you receive a free kit 
 LEAP OF FAITH and a FREEBIE Template! 

(One prize only for each offer.)


If you are NOT the first one to buy the GOLDEN TICKET or the SILVER TICKET . . . . there is still good news for you!

 Spend $5.00 in my store
and receive the kit for FREE - regardless of a ticket or not!

Spend $8.00 in my store
and receive the kit AND the Template for FREE
- regardless of a ticket or not!

There are lots of other great offers in both stores, so make sure you stop on by and get a real 'BANG FOR YOUR BUCK"!