Friday, January 13, 2017

$1 Packs for new Coordinated Collection at The Studio - WINTER WONDERLAND

 First off - I hope you all had a great holiday season filled with joy and love and promise for a fabulous new year.

 Mine did not start off all that great as my son's condo building burned down 2 weeks before Christmas. There were over 80 units in the building and he was on the bottom floor. The fire started at the top on the 4th floor, but with all the water damage, the building is a write-off. Everyone got out okay - thank goodness, but not all had insurance. Although the majority of the units are owned, some were rentals as well and a lot of them did not have insurance. Thank goodness my son did. He has been back at home with Mom for the last month or so, but hopes to be back on his own soon. 

So with that being said I did have a wonderful Christmas with my family and especially my granddaughter Grace who will be 2 next month. She's sort of getting the hang of opening presents - and that's scary! And the best part for me - I have lots of photos to scrap!

I had major ideas for this new collection, but having my son at home means he gets his old room back - which I turned into my office when he moved out 7 years ago! So my computer time has been very limited - especially with him being on a graveyard shift the last few months! But nonetheless, Ihad fun creating these packs I present to you now.


We have just released today our first Coordinated Collection of 2017 - WINTER WONDERLAND - at The Studio.

$1 EACH for 2 Weeks!

With the holiday season passing, a lot of us are now enjoying the cool, but fun outdoors. It’s also giving us a little more time indoors to do some scrapping! Winter Wonderland is a winter-inspired collection designed in a beautiful soft palette. This Collection contains an element pack of 53 ellies including frosted leaves, cute snowmen and some word art to top off your layouts.

There are also 3 different Paper Packs and 1 set of Pagestackers. They have the feel of outdoors and nature which will provide a perfect backdrop to your scrap pages.

Have a look here . . . .

The Ellies:

Paper Pack A (two views):

Paper Pack B (two views):

Paper Pack C (two views):


And here are some amazing layouts from my CT: