Monday, January 28, 2013

New Look, New Kit and a Freebie

My first post of 2013! Bad me! It's been a while, so I'm wishing all of you a super great and fabulous 2013!

You'll have to pardon the dust on my blog! I'm in the midst of a re-design and I'm not this kind of a  "techy" gal, so it will take me a bit to get it looking all spanking clean!

I released a new kit in my stores last week, and for those of you who follow me on FB, you will have seen it. For those of you who subscribe to The Studio newsletter, you would have received a freebie and been able to purchase it for 24 hours at 70% off. That's right! Perhaps you should subscribe to the newsletter? There are deals like that - every day! For those of you that haven't "liked" me on my Facebook page, you should! I give freebies away there too - they're not always on my blog.

My Facebook page is HERE.

I really like my new kit. I'm creating a little book for my brother using it. It's a funny story, but he started sending out photos a few weeks before Christmas of these two little "stuffed" characters - he called them "Obie & Hitch" (posing as my two older brothers when they were kids). Each day a different photo with a different story came in an email. It was hilarious and when we finally figured out what was going on, we looked forward to a new email every day with the latest in their escapades. He lives in Manitoba and it's pretty dang cold there with lots of snow, so my new kit works perfectly for it.

It's called DAY OFF AT THE NORTH POLE. It's a pretty full kit and I created some cute add-on papers for it too.


And here are some layouts I created with it - The story of "Obie & Hitch":

And from my fabulous CT:





I am so sorry that my sale is over, it ended before I could get my
blog up and running properly. 
BUT . . . I have two things to offer you. FIRST - a FREEBIE.
It's a cluster I created from the kit and you can download it.

 Secondly, if anyone would like to purchase the kit, just send me an email ( and I will give you a coupon to get the kit at the sale price of 20% off, AND . . . 
I will throw in the Add-On Papers for 
I'll offer this to you all until February 10th.

My links to my stores are not working in the sidebars, so just click below.

Happy Scrapping everyone!