Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Internet Issues

It's too bad there's so many people out there with nothing to do and figure it's their mission to hack sites. Who raises these kind of people? A lot of sites are down right now and have been since at least yesterday. I know I've tried accessing a few sites Scrappity-Doo-Dah, DigiscrapAddicts, a few blog widget sites and they call come up with "The page you're looking for wasn't found." What a drag! It must drive these site owners crazy! Anyway, hopefully the host server they're using is able to fix everything soon and these sites don't lose too much business.

I just recently entered a contest at Scrappity-Doo-Dah and was chosen as one of their site CTs. But of course, because theirs is one of the sites being affected by this latest "hacker" issue, I can't get going with them and communication is pretty much at a standstill. Anyway, I'm SO excited to be part of another team. I've had fun at GDS and the people there I've gotten to know are so family-friendly!

It was a three-week contest and for two of the three mini kits, we had to create two pages. That can stretch you a bit when you're limited to papers and elements in a mini kit. You couldn't add any outside elements so it tested your creativity. Here are some of the pages I created from the mini kits they provided for the contest:

I also just recently volunteered to do some designing for a woman who is putting together a charity kit for some children that she and a few of her acquaintances are adopting from Haiti. It sounds like it has been a long process for them, but hopefully things will happen soon and these children will be welcomed to some loving families. There will be two kits - one issuing at the end of May and the second kit at the end of June. When I know the store(s) the kit will be sold at, I will post it here.

Here are the latest kits from GDS:
If you spend $10 on a single order you get this Collaboration Kit - A Mother's Worth FREE!

Here's a page I made from it:

Marshmella Designs at GDS has a new kit called CHEERY here's the kit and a page I made from it:

Verena Karolyi Designs has a great new kit out called PEACH FACED LOVEBIRD and this is a page I created from it:

I'm also a CT member for Julie Marie Designs. She sells exclusively at Gotta Pixel
Here's a page I made from her kit called RED, BLUE and DENIM. 

I saw this cute kit at Scrap Orchard and I just had to have it. Got it when it was "Fresh Fruit" still, so got it at a good discount. It's a collab by Ziggle and AnnaBV called EINSTEIN. Here's a page I created from it:

Well off to do some gardening before the BIG hockey game tonight. Canucks have to beat the Blackhawks in order to extend the series to a seventh game. Come on boys! We've got a few injuries on our defence, so our young guys have to step it up tonight! Whoohoo! Go LOU!

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