Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My First Blog!

Well, I've taken the plunge, joined the masses, bitten the bullet (you get the point), and started a Blog. I don't know if this is going to be good for you or good for me, but if you hold my hand we'll be heading somewhere – and not necessarily very fast either! Last week I started a Facebook page! What?!!? Me?!! Although I've been in the graphics industry my whole life, this end of the computer world has only surfaced over the last few years, and boy did it come whizzing in! I can see why older people just throw their hands to the heavens and say, what ever happened to the good old days? What ever happened to the old fashioned telephone or talking over the fence with your neighbours? Point taken, however, it's almost as if you have to jump in because in so many ways, you'll be left behind, faster than Conan O'Brien's stint on NBC lasted.

Facebook, yes, I said Facebook. I did it by accident, but don't tell anyone! I was going to upload a picture to Ellen's website for her "World Domination" adventure she's on right now, and lone behold, you had to upload it to her Facebook page. What??!! I ventured on. Well, before you know it, a page came up and said congratulations, you now have a Facebook page, would you like to continue. What??!! I'd been gobbled up by the internet without even realizing it (typical!). Well, then I was into it. I was hustling up friends, checking other people's Facebook pages, and by the end of the day, I was in a total frenzy, I couldn't even stop for dinner – but I had 32 friends! Cool! But boy did my head hurt. After a good night's sleep, I came to my senses and stopped checking the page every half hour! Once a day is plenty. Kids and their new toys right?

Now for the Blog. This is even more confusing! I've got mapped out what I want, I've created art for it, but can I figure out how to customize it the way I want – of course not. This is going to be a total work in progress, but for now, I'll use what I can with what little knowledge I have. I'm not even sure there's enough room up here in my noggin to EVER get it, but I carry on.

One of the main reasons for me starting a blog (there's more, but I'm not going to tell you right now) is my addiction I've had to scrapbooking the last couple of years. I made a little book for all my family members two Christmases ago and they absolutely loved it. It was a 24-page 8" x 8" book. I decoupaged the front and back covers and it looked like a real little book. I was so proud. It took a long time, but I loved every minute of it, even though I was still working on them the night before Christmas Eve day! After I had given them out, there was silence for about 5 minutes, and my uncle had tears trickling down his cheeks. It was at that moment I knew I wanted to do more – for others especially. To see their joy and appreciation was all it took and I was hooked.

I took a big leap of faith and entered a scrapbooking contest last summer. I made it to the third round (there were 4 rounds) and was thrilled I made it that far. Little did I realize at the time, it was one of the foremost scrapart websites, with some of the best-known designers in cyberspace! Go big or go home, right? Wrong. I slinked back behind my computer, slowly licking my wounds and started creating more pages. I tried out for a creative team on a popular scrapbooking site, but was not chosen. Then this past fall I tried out to become a SUPREME TEAM CT member for Go Digital Scrapbooking. This was one of the first sites I found a couple of years ago when I discovered the world of digital scrapbooking, but I was always what you call a "lurker". Well, I made it through all the way to the end and became a SUPREME TEAM gal. I've been creating pages for the designers for the last three or four months and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. Of course, most people in the forums there have blogs, but as mentioned above for the obvious reasons stated, not me. I didn't even know what an avatar was, how to create and upload a signature. I really felt like an ostrich with my head buried thoroughly in the "No I won't give in to the digital world" sand! But, as the old saying goes, curiosity killed the cat (sorry all you cat lovers) and I've slowly been figuring some things out. 

Now, for the good stuff, I want to send you off to get yourself a really cool February desktop picture for your computer. It's from HK Designs at GDS (Go Digital Scrapbooking) and you can get it here:
February Desktop

I've created a few pages from some really cool kits. Here's one I created from a collaboration kit by Carena and Mistica Designs:

You can get the kit here:

Here's another layout I created:

It was made from a collaboration kit by HK Designs & Marshmella Designs found here:
Expressions of the Heart

There's still time left if you spend $10 or more in the store you can pick up the January Collaboration Kit for FREE! It's a great kit with lots of versatility and I've created a few pages from this kit already. 
Here's what you'd get:

Here are a couple of pages I made from this kit:

And this is one of my fav kits by Verena Designs: 
A Fresh Day

Here's a page of my son when he was born that I made from this gorgeous kit:

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